Daan de Groot and Laura Zimmermann, winners of Powerman Germany in Alsdorf

Daan de Groot and Laura Zimmermann, have won the Powerman Classic race (10 km/ 60 km/ 10 km) in male and female categories, with a time of 2:30:20 and 2:50:05 respectively, during the second edition of the Powerman Germany Alsdorf and organized by Marathon-Club Eschweiler 1983 e.V.

More than 750 athletes and multi-sport enthusiasts from all over the world took part in this second edition of one of Europe’s most important duathlons, to compete for the title. The race had perfect weather conditions.

The Belgium Jan Petralia, member of the Domo elctro Scott Team and the German Champion Sascha Huppert achieved to finish second and third respectively in the Classic race, male category, while Katharina Grohmann from Germany and Alice Hector from Great Britian, in second and third place respectively in the Classic race, female category.

In the Sprint Race category the winners have been Michael Kalb from Germany, in male category, and Anne Schafhausen from Bonn, member of the SSF Bonn Triathlon, in female category.

The competition, held today in Alsdorf, Germany, has been organized by Marathon-Club Eschweiler 1983 e.V. for the fifth year in a row, three times as DACHSER Duathlon and second year as Powerman Alsdorf


Powerman is the premier label for long-distance duathlons. Powerman unites the biggest and most well-known long distance duathlons in the world under the International Powerman Association (IPA). The IPA cooperates with the International Triathlon Union in the development and growth of the duathlon as a sport in general, and the long-distance duathlon in particular. www.powerman.org

German champions in the Duathlon Classic Distance Elite category have been Sascha Hubbert and Laura Zimmermann.   


Powerman Classic Category (10 km Run – 60 km Bike – 10 km Run)

Men – Classic race                                                  Women – Classic race

Pos Position Country Official
  Pos Name Contry Official time
1 Daan de Groot Netherlands 2:30:21   1 Laura Zimmermann Germany 2:50:05
2 Jan Petralia Belgium 2:31:38   2 Katharina Grohmann Germany 2:52:05
3 Sascha Hubbert Germany 2:32:53   3 Alice Hector Great Britain 2:53:56
4 Fabian Zehnder Switzerland 2:33:48   4 Marina van Dijk Netherlands 2:56:48
5 Jens-Michael Gossauer Switzerland 2:34:10   5 Kisten de Baey Germany 2:58:44
6 Luce Heerdt Germany 2:34:29   6 Annika Vössing Germany 2:59:15
7 Dominik Sowieja Uiterkamp 2:34:50   7 Marie Brandt-Schultz Denmark 2:59:17
8 Maurice Herwig Germany 2:36:36   8 Steffi Jansen Germany 3:00:09
9 Jelle Lugten Netherlans 2:37:34   9 Ann Schoot Uiterkamp Netherlands 3:06:22
10 Simon Huckestein Germany 2:38:44          

Powerman Sprint Category (5 km Run – 20 km Bike – 5 km Run)

Men – Sprint race                                           Women – Sprint race

Pos Name Country Official Time   Pos Name Country Official time
 1 Michael Kalb Germany 1:05:22   1 Anne Schafhausen Germany 1:14:53
2 Talles Medeiros Brazil 1:06:48   2 Virginie Soenen Belgium 1:15:21
3 Matthias Kollbach Germany 1:07:50   3 Carina Fiereck Germany 1:17:12
4 Maximilian Hackler Germany 1:07:51   4 Claudia Valdix Germany 1:18:05
5 Rudi Lambrechts Germany 1:10:11   5 Ulrike Klemm Germany 1:20:49

Powerman Alsdorf joined the International Powerman circuit in 2019, which currently includes races in Malaysia, United States, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Brazil and a world championship in Zofingen-Switzerland. The brand Powerman is the most renowned and strict duathlon brand worldwide, and is managed by International Powerman Association (IPA).

The Powerman Alsdorf in Germany is official Candidate for 2020 ETU Powerman European Championships Duathlon!

Powerman Alsdorf

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